Des humains et des marques

The future (and success) of businesses is talent (Stephan Vincent)

July 17, 2021

Bonjour/ Hi,


Today is the first English conversation; the first of many.

With this podcast, I want to speak to people from all around the world. I hope to discover and present to you those best practices; no matter where they are from. 

The idea is to keep on bringing value and knowledge to forward thinkers who care about brand, culture and people.


Stephan Vincent is one of them. And he  jumped right in.

As a culture rebel, he has some very interesting thoughts about how the future of work should look like.

Considering the new normal and post pandemic world, here are some concrete ideas of what to do next.


Quotes from today’s conversation:

  • Culture is basically a product
  • HR is the quarterback of culture
  • You should not care about your reputation. Your reputation is the result of your attention to culture
  • On Glassdoor, what matters is how you respond to bad comments
  • Moving from fear and retaliation policies to love and caring


Welcome home!

Happy listening.





Stephan is the founder of Chief Human rebelion officer of the People First community, the host of the EX podcast and has the mission of building amazing company cultures centered around purpose, people-first mindset, and love for one another.


You can connect with him on LinkedIn here 


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